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Soulistry offers readers an opportunity to engage more deeply in the spiritual journey, re-connect with the intangible soul-essence of life and experience rich spiritual growth.

Through a series of almost 80 inspirational quotations from ordinary and extraordinary human beings (i.e. Joan Chittister, Martin Buber, Margaret Guenther, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Aristotle, John Wesley, Paul Tournier, the Dalai Lama, Solomon ibn Gabirol, Meister Eckhart, Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus of Nazareth, Joy Harjo, Mattie Stepanek, Kahlil Gibran, Wangari Maathai and many more) around the world living in different centuries … along with accompanying Soul-Questions … this creative book draws attention to the connection between the sacred and secular, creativity and spirituality, art and soul – challenging, nurturing and encouraging the reader’s spiritual journey in a unique way.

Soulistry encourages readers to realize their creative potential, deepen their awareness of the presence of the holy around them, recognize and celebrate their inner wisdom, and embrace life in new ways.

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”One of the most difficult challenges in modern life is to make space for the soul, setting aside the eternal chatter that has invaded every niche of our existence. SOULISTRY is a marvelous method of finding the silence and attention that a healthy soul requires.”
— Dr. Larry Dossey, Author, Physician

“Expect your soul to be nourished and your creative spirit to be released through Soulistry!”
— Alisa E. Clark – author

“Soulistry is a magic word of open soul searching. Here is a book that promotes love, kindness, health, wisdom and happiness. It will awaken your body, mind and spirit.”
— Henry Landry – Author, Buddhist Teacher

“In Soulistry, spiritual teacher June Maffin has gathered from her own deep experience a heap of treasures: words of wisdom from across the ages, to which she has attached some very pertinent and moving questions for self-reflection and self-examination. It’s a book I would give to any seeker.”
— Donald Grayston – Co-Director, Pacific Jubilee Program in Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction, Co-Director

Disturbed By God

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We often overlook those moments when God speaks to us, those times when the Creator “disturbs” our lives. Could it be that we miss those moments because we tend to look for dramatic evidence of God’s direction, when ordinary instances abound, if only we were aware of them?

Although this book is a record of such disturbances in the life of the author, you may want to use it to reflect on your own faith journey and to become more aware of God’s disturbances in your life.

CHAPTERS: Framed by poetry in the Prologue and Epilogue, the Chapters narrate the life of an ordained (in the Anglican/Episcopal church) woman.

REFLECTION STARTERS: Reflection Starters follow each section of the narrative and include questions which are designed to:

  • Encourage attention to the situations (God-incidences) in your life you may have ignored, not noticed or forgotten
  • Challenge deeper reflection about your life / ministry / work / relationships
  • Enhance your understanding of spirituality, religion, Christianity etc.
  • Nurture your spiritual journey

APPENDICES: provide information to help you work with the material in the book.

May your journey with the Holy One who called you into being, 
continue to “disturb” your life in ways that are exciting, challenging, nurturing, encouraging and fulfilling!

eBook: $5.95 U.S. 

Nourish Gently cookbook

“NOURISH GENTLY-The Soulistry Cookbook” is a story about a journey with my then eight-year-old son, whose pediatrician wanted to put him on medication to control his emotional outbursts, extreme restlessness, and destructive behaviour and learning how food allergies, sensitivities, and eating nutritionally resulted in a remarkable change in his health and how eating nutritionally and being mindful of food sensitivities and allergies can help us live longer and healthier lives as adults.

And it’s a unique specialty cookbook of … homegrown adaptations of standard recipes … new concoctions of sweets, treats and ‘basics’ that are free from additives, preservatives, chocolate, refined sugar and refined wheat … and recipe suggestions for salicylate substitutions.

“NOURISH GENTLY: The Soulistry Cookbook” is shared in the hope that it encourages readers to strive to gently nourish their body through the cookbook recipes and gently nourish their soul through the Soulistry Story.

It’s not a “fancy” book or a “glitzy” book, nor does it make any promises health-wise/scientifically/medically.  If readers are in doubt as to whether the recipes might be helpful to them/their family situation, they are encouraged to discuss it with their physician and/or naturopath.  It’s a simple book that tells a personal story which hopefully will encourage readers to make time to gently nourish and feed their body, mind and spirit.  


eBook: $4.00 U.S.