For those of you who are widowed, I think you might be able to relate to the day I had today.

Monday is Valentine’s Day and as I’ve been making Valentines for others, I had a “sad is me” moment when I realized that once again, there would be no Valentine’s card from my beloved Dutch husband.

Hans was a wonderful artist and he made such wonderful cards for me. But those days are no more. So I decided to make myself a card with some tangling around a photo of him.

Here’s the photo of the Valentine I made for myself. It sits atop the fireplace Hans made and will still be there on Monday – Valentine’s Day.

His happy face puts a smile on my face each time I pass by.   The “sad is me” moment passed quickly as I focused on making the card.

It never ceases to amaze me how ‘creating something’ sets the mind free from “sad is me” moments, helps refocus the body from a desire to nap, and nurtures the Spirit.

When you get one of those “sad is me” moments, consider what you can do to evoke the magic of creation. Could it be … a handmade card? … a special meal that takes time and effort to prepare … explore a new craft … plant a seed/plant/tree … carve a figure … paint a picture … photograph something/someone … write a poem/blog … let origami folding take you to another plane … start making a handmade book … knit, crochet, quilt, sew something … try neurographica art, zentangling, mixed media, embossing, handmade card making … the list is endless!


© June Maffin