Her face lit up when we shared a moment-in-time today.
She, in her mid 70’s, was looking at summer tops and slacks.
She was wearing beige slacks, beige top and black jacket with black purse and black shoes.
The clothing she was looking at? Black sweater, beige slacks, black top.

I could “see” her in lovely pastels but all she was looking at was … black, beige and more of the same.

I quietly asked “What do you think of this colour?”
Her reply – “So lovely for you, dear. But not for me.”
She had given me an opening – and so I gently asked – “Why not?”
Her reply – “I’m old.”
I picked up two pastel blouses – lilac and peach – and asked her to come with me to the mirror. I think she thought I was going to try them on and wanted her opinion. She was half right. I wanted her opinion … but not for me – for her.

I tucked them under her chin and she smiled – and looked at me and said “I’m too old.” And then she looked again. And smiled.
We chatted a bit. She confided that she hated wearing black and beige, but those were what old people wore and she didn’t want to have people think she was trying to be young again.

And then, after she held up the coloured shirts a few more times and could see they brought colour to her face and (maybe it was my imagination, but she stood straighter when they were under her chin), before I knew it, she had purchased them both. As she went out the store with a lovely, big smile on her face wearing the peach-coloured shirt, she said “A difference – you have made a difference.”

Nawww, it wasn’t me – it was her. For in that moment, she decided to wear colour and enjoy her life … every moment of life. And yes, I’m *sure* she was walking straighter as she walked out of the store. Those colours really suited her.

She took a risk – and made a difference.

<update: The story is true.  The photo is not of the woman in the story but permission has been granted to use the photo for this story by a lovely septuagenarian (75 years young!) woman who loves colour – and life!>

photo & text © june maffin  SOULartISTRY   www.soulistry.com