Here we are – in the middle of the Season of Advent.
Advent greetings to all, whether you follow the Season or not … welcome ritual … find Light in creativity, family, friendship, respect, integrity.

As I worked on making this Advent card, I prayed that peace, hope, joy and love would permeate infill, inspire and encourage our hurting world and its inhabitants. And, I prayed for all those who follow and support the ‘Soulistry’ ministry, including this blog and the various Facebook groups under the ‘Soulistry’ umbrella – with deep gratitude.

May this Season of Advent bring an unexpected blessing to all.
May we have healthy eyes to see the blessing,
healthy ears to hear the blessing,
healthy hands to touch the blessing,
healthy legs to walk towards the blessing,
and a healthy heart to recognize and receive the blessing.

Advent blessings to you!

© June Maffin

If the fwiw department, here are some of those Facebook ‘Soulistry’-related groups noted above. If you’re curious, you are welcome to join any of them after answering all of the security questions. Btw, even if I know you – we are friends, neighbours, family – the security questions help confirm that FB accounts have not been compromised. Thanks for helping to keep these groups safe.

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