There is a lot of darkness in the world. A lot.

Gratefully, many cultures, religions, traditions, individuals around the world encourage the lighting of candles to pierce the darkness.

The Moravian Star is one example. First introduced to children in Moravian schools as a geometry lesson in the mid 1830’s, it was quickly adopted throughout many parts of Europe, the West Indies, Greenland, Suriname, Labrador, Central America, South and East Africa and in parts of India as an Advent / Christmas/ Epiphany Seasons representing the Star of Bethlehem.

That star found its way into my life through my beloved Dutch-born husband. How I loved it every Advent when Hans would open the little box, put the pieces together and the Moravian Star was placed in our kitchen window.

Though Hans died in 2016, he is still with me in many ways and this Moravian Star hanging in the kitchen window is just one way. 

What makes a Moravian star unique is its symmetrical shape which is based on a three-dimensional solid with flat faces, straight edges and sharp corners.

Whatever ‘light’ we use — Christmas tree … Moravian Star … Menorah … string of lights across a window in our home, work place, local store … candles in an Advent log … a single candle burning in a home/apartment, let us light a candle and both shine Light in the world, and be Light in the world.

May the Light be among us all … illuminating the darkness. 🙂

© June Maffin – Light – Moravian Star

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