Proud to be a Canadian?  Yep.   Happy to be a Canadian?   Very much. Grateful to be a Canadian?  … Understatement.

Wherever you are, however you will be marking another anniversary of this country, there is much that is good, in spite of the frustrations and problems.  It is easy to criticize. It is easy to point fingers and question. It is easy to wish history revealed different stories.

I doubt there is one country which can claim to be without frustration, dismay, embarrassment, anger, disappointment, shame or combination thereof as people reflect on the history of their country at some time or other.

For one day, just one day, how about we celebrate … not dwell on the negative.  For one day, just one day, how about we focus on the goodness of this country … and not complain. For one day, just one day, how about we express gratitude … for the privilege of being Canadian.   May all have a happy and safe Canada Day weekend!


Thanks to the RCMP officers (our wonderful Mounties) who walked across the Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver so that this photo with the Canada flag below them could be taken on our 150th birthday.

Text © June Maffin