“Stocks surged after the worst day since 1987 crash!”
“Countries are closed off.”
“Sports games, concerts, worship services are cancelled.”
“It’s going to get worse, not better.”
“COVID-19 is the end of the world.”

We’ve heard them all – and more.
So what do we do?

Perhaps we do an attitude-adjustment.

Perhaps we intentionally focus on the goodness around us
the examples of compassion
the incidents of kindness
the expressions of love
the gifts of colour in flowers, children at play, puppies and kittens
instead of the yuck.

Perhaps we look to the Creator of the present moment
who stills the storm and soothes the frantic heart,
who brings hope, courage, strength as we wait in uncertainty
and who brings peace that passes understanding
so that we may rest at night, heal and awaken
in the morning to the gift of a new day
where we focus on making time
to breathe, deep and gently
and inhale peace
… and calm
… and hope.

© June Maffin