“There’s something about this photo that speaks to me.  It speaks to me of life and death … darkness and shadow  … light and hope.  Hope?

The hope is in the clear sky. The hope is in the bright yellow colour in the flowers in the foreground.  The hope is in the healthy green leaves beside the flowers.

At this time, the United States is in crisis. A much-feared (by many) President-Elect will soon deliver his First Address to the Nation. A much-loved by many President has delivered his Final Address.

The first personifies the fear many are feeling. The second named the fear many are feeling and reminded people to “be vigilant, but not be afraid.”

He set forth a plan. Clear, simple, direct.  Using the three words he used
at the beginning of his Presidency he used the same three words
at the ending of his Presidency: “Yes, we can!”

As a sign I read on a wall in Dachau “I believe in the sun, even when it is not shining. I believe in the stars, even when I see them not. I believe in God, even when God is silent” noted … the Presence of Hope is always present.

We just need to be open for it. We just need to look for it. We just need to see it.  We just need to believe in it.

At the time I took this photo, I didn’t know why I took it.  Tonight, I know.
“Be vigilant, but not afraid.”  (President Barack Obama, January 10, 2017)

Photo & Text © june maffin