I saw children shooting hoops,
a crocus, snowbells, daffodils,
an art gallery on ZOOM,
dishes that needed to be washed,
a mom with a smile, pushing her little one in a stroller,
a cashier wearing a mask,
weeds growing in the yard,
colour on leaves, on cars, on clothing, in the sky,
words on a page in a book,
a face looking back at me in the mirror reminding me of Mom,
strawberry leaves poking their heads above the straw,
a grocery reminder list, 
a rainbow,

When I opened my eyes
that morning,
I expected to see awe and wonder.
I wasn’t disappointed.

They, and joy and gratitude appeared
… in the ordinary and the spectacular
… above and below and behind and around.

What I saw when I took this photo of a rainbow,
was breath-taking.
Rainbows always take away my breath for a moment.

But other things take away my breath
… like the possibilities which abound each and every day
by looking and seeing,
by being grateful, and looking beyond the obvious.

Downloading my photos
another breathtaking moment
… as I saw what was a double rainbow
because when I took the photo, I didn’t see the double rainbow.

Maybe this was a gentle reminder of what may appear
when we consider ‘beyond the obvious’
in what we see and what we hear
in what we believe and even
what we think we see, hear, believe.

Sometimes the learning, the lesson, the spiritual growth
is obvious.
Sometimes the learning, the lesson, the spiritual growth
is “beyond the obvious.”



© June Maffin