It would be easy to allow my feelings to determine who I am.

It would be easy to blame life’s difficult circumstances on bad luck, genetic inheritance, family, the government, others, God.

But that would be putting energy “out there”
when I need to focus on rebuilding energy “within” to continue to heal, learn, grow and continue my journey of ‘becoming’ the person I am meant to be.

It’s taken time and work and energy … in the yesterdays of my life … and in the todays of my life to refuse to put energy ‘out there’ on blame
in spite of experiences of rejection, hatred, envy, poverty, pain, betrayal, being on death’s doorstep, and experiencing deep loss.

And it will take time, and work and energy in the tomorrows of my life.
But I will choose to do so because those times have taught and continue to teach that each day is a privilege a new beginning an opportunity to make choices.

Choices about who I will be that day, how I will act / respond that day, who I am becoming.

To quote Carl Jung “I am – what I choose to become.”

I am still in the process of ‘becoming.’ I am still in the process of Choosing.
Choosing To Be … the very best me I can be.

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Photo and Text © June Maffin