I will never forget the conversation. “You are so lucky to be a Canadian and living in Canada. We are terrified of what will happen with our country if Obama doesn’t get into the White House.”

The fear they expressed was palpable.  I could feel it!
That was then.  This is now.
And another Presidential election is on the radar.

This time, the fear has spread far beyond the borders of the United States.
The world is watching and hopefully remembering a man who swayed the masses into believing that he … and only he … could make their country great again.  He didn’t.

While the world seemed void of hope – then – and the world seems void of hope – now, nature and history provide Conduits of Hope … flowers growing in the desert … in cement … along a wooden fence … Rosa Parks … Malala … Barack Obama and his election – twice!  Strong reminders of tenacity, courage and hope.

Conduits of hope!  They are around us.
May we look for Conduits of Hope.
May we see Conduits of Hope.
May we believe in Conduits of Hope.


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