Many people around the world are using the Advent Calendar in the coming weeks, to ‘countdown’ to Christmas. What about Ukrainians? An artist friend lives in Kyiv, Ukraine and posted the following this night. It is shared with a gentle prayer and hope that in our own preparation / ‘countdown’ to Christmas this Advent, we will not forget the people of Ukraine.

“Now there are many who are not in Ukraine have started writing about the Advent calendar
– countdown to Christmas.
We have our own countdown – light outages, planned and emergency
We plan our lives in such a way that we make the most of it in five hours. And then, in the dark, counting the minutes until the next opportunity to do something … along with electricity, the heating is turned off. Connection and Internet disappear for many. I have no hot water, along with electricity. Stores, banks, post office, those nearby do not work. But I don’t allow myself to whine.
I think of our boys and girls in the trenches protecting us on the front lines.
About the boys and girls who are captive.
They have their own countdown.”

(Used with permission by the author
who remains nameless for security reasons.)

My friends, as the world prepares for and ‘counts down’ to Christmas, safe in our homes with electricity, heating, internet access, food, safety, freedom, may we remember those in Ukraine
who join in the ‘countdown’ to Christmas in a different way.
Slava Ukraini!

© June Maffin
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© June Maffin