Have you ever wondered how to make a wise decision?   how to know which direction to go when faced with more than one possibility?   how to discern the will of God?

You’ve reasoned.  You’re sought the advice of others. You’ve prayed. You’ve looked at every angle you could possibly think of. You’re still not certain which answer is the right answer for you at this particular time, which ‘way’ is God’s way, which road will be the wise choice.

Like everyone, I’ve found myself in situations seeking wisdom, wanting to hear God’s Voice, hoping to discern wisely.   Whether the situations have been simple or complex, each time I’ve learned that *listening* is the key.

The next time you are faced with a decision, give this a try.
Listen to your heart: If it soars with excitement … it’s a ‘yes.’
Listen to your body: If it is relaxed about going in one direction … it’s a ‘yes.’
Listen to your mind: If it is at peace and you are not still trying to figure it out … it’s a ‘yes.’

When all three are ‘yes’, surely  the Universe/God is sending you a message
that evokes harmony: harmony of body, mind and spirit aka – wise road –  right path – good decision.


Photo & Text © June Maffin