It was near the beginning of the pandemic … most people were social distancing and mask-wearing.

Standing in line outside the health food store, the woman ahead of me were social distancing and wearing masks when a fellow appeared … no social distancing … no mask and kept getting closer and closer to me. I asked him to please step back to the place marked on the ground so we could be social distancing. And that’s when it began.

“Oh, you want me to step back because of COVID19? That’s all ridiculous stuff.”
He was adamant that there was nothing to be concerned about. “Even if COVID19 is real – there’s Hydroxychloroquine.” He was belligerent. He began shouting that the tv station he watched and the medical doctor in the US who had been interviewed on one of their recent shows, had since been silenced because they were telling the truth

He shouted “Who to believe?” That was the Million Dollar Question then – and now.

“I’m not afraid” he said. “I don’t believe this COVID19 is real.”

When it was my turn to enter the store, I noticed that he entered shortly after and overheard him say “What do you have that will increase my immune system? I don’t want to get sick.”

So much for thinking COVID19 is “ridiculous stuff” and disbelieving COVID19 is real.
He doesn’t want to get sick.
He doesn’t want to die.

But, he’s not going to wear a mask.
He doesn’t observe social distancing.
But he was in a health store looking for “something” that will keep him healthy and increase his immune system.

How about wearing a mask and observing social distancing, sir?
That will keep you healthy.

© June Maffin

Photo is a free photo from This is not a photo of the fellow I encountered