Birthdays are supposed to be happy days … times of celebration and memories that bring a smile to the face.  But not always.

This year’s birthday brought me echoes of words spoken that day by my husband’s doctor: “esophageal cancer …  it has spread … Hans, you have about six months.”

The doctor was wrong.  Four days after those words were spoken
… not six months, my beloved Hans died.

Not surprisingly, I wasn’t looking forward to my birthday this year and didn’t spend time on the internet that day.  But when I finally did
unexpected and kind birthday greetings brought light into the darkness
each image and comment touching my heart in ways I cannot express.

Then a prayer emerged – a prayer of hope that kind words would be
written, spoken and echo throughout our world among family, friends, strangers and from politicians and social media.

May words of kindness echo throughout our world.

Photos and Text © June Maffin