I didn’t see much of the eclipse … or so I thought.  A friend and I were on the back deck with the computer on the table chatting, visiting, sipping tea watching the NASA feed on the computer.  “When will it happen?” we wondered.   The computer showed us that the eclipse *was* happening, but other than no wind movement in the trees, a darkness on the left side, and a drop in temperature, not much seemed to be happening where we were.

But when I downloaded the photo I took, I saw something I hadn’t seen during the eclipse … fascinating swirls of light!

Those swirls of light made me stop and think about things we miss, about people we miss when we are not … expecting the unexpected … being open to possibilities … dealing with the “ism’s” we don’t want to admit … acknowledging the negativity we feel and there is an eclipse in our corporate soul.

May we see beyond the things and people seeking to cloud our minds with negativity, confuse our thoughts with misinformation and lies, obliterate light from this world.

Eclipse … your time has come to a close.  May swirls of light of truth, reason, integrity replace our obscured vision.

© Photo & Text June Maffin