It’s January 1st – and also the Eighth Day of Christmas!

On this day, while the ‘milking’ image (an image of nourishment) is front-and-centre, there are times when other images are associated with the milking image: being milked, fleeced, drained, exploited by friends, family, corporations, governments.   When that happens, at the very least, our mind and our very soul / spirit can be compromised.

How can we disallow the latter which destroys our spirit, and encourage the former to nourish our spirit?  Perhaps the words of Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s play offer thoughtful consideration: “Yet doe I feare thy Nature, It is too full o’ th’ Milke of humane kindnesse.”

When the ‘milk of human kindness’ (compassion, care of self and others, empathy etc.) is expressed, there is less room in our spirit for negative ‘milking’. 

We live in a Universe of energy. 
It can be negative.    It can be positive.   
Each of us must determine
   – on what we focus our attention
   – on what we allow to preoccupy our thoughts
   – on what we let into our spirit.
to experience each emotion and ask
… How long do I hold onto the anger?
… Do I allow hatred to absorb my thoughts?
… Do I let fear absorb my energy?
… Do I withhold forgiveness?”

On this, the Eighth Day of Christmas and a New Year begins, may we express the ‘milk of human kindness’ in our thoughts, words, social media posts, actions, prayers so we can be part of the transformation that is so desperately needed in this world.

Happy Eighth Day of Christmas and Happy New Year!


© June Maffin

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Image © Banu Moore
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