When I first walked in front of this tree, I kept on walking. Then I turned back to see if what I thought I saw, I really did see.

I took its photo just to be certain. But there it was … a face within! Not carved by human design, but carved by Nature. And complete with hair, albeit green! 

Once again, I was aware of the connectedness of all Creation.

To ignore our forests, our waterways or to ‘use’ them for financial gain in the short term rather than to treasure them for the long term is to ignore a precious gift we have been given. 

May all who dwell on planet Earth, treat the sanctity of the created order with gentleness and loving respect. May we never forget the need for growth in forests to breathe clean air. May policy decision-makers be guided by need, rather than greed.

March 21st will be the International Day of Forests created by resolution of the United Nations General Assembly. May we always remember every day that just as the trees need us to survive, we need them to survive and thrive.

© June Maffin

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