Why do we let others fill our lives with negativity which only serves to cause stress?

Why do we continue turn on the tv and see, over and over and over, eruptions of anger and hatred?

Why do we allow fear to reign and not make choices that would place us in the company of people whose energy is loving and gentle and kind?

I wish I had the answers. 
I do not.
I don’t know ‘why’ we do those things, but this I do know:
we are responsible for making choices
… choices about our friends
– our tv and movie viewing
– and yes, there are times when we even make choices about our families.   

The British poet William Wordsworth once wrote (which may have been a mantra to himself as he faced a blank piece of paper and was about to construct a poem) these words: “Fill your page with the breathings of your heart.”

Not everyone is a poet and so not all of us sit before a blank piece of paper waiting for words to tumble forth.  But each of us is an artist – an architect – a writer … of our own life.  

What do we need as an artist of our life to draw a life of harmony?
What do we need as an architect of our life to design a life that would lower stresses caused by things out of our control?
What do we need as a writer of our life to consider words to live by which would be encouraging of positive action, nurturing of our soul, energizing to our body?

Each of us gets to determine those answers.   

Perhaps we might begin by considering this adaptation of Wordsworth’s words and substitute his word “page” with this word – “life” and consider each day, which things, which people, which ways we can “fill our life with the breathings of our heart.”

Perhaps each of us can consider our answers to these questions:
* What are the “breathings of your heart”?
* What can you do to bring one of those ‘breathings’ into reality in your life in the next seven days?
* Who can help/encourage/support you as you bring one of the ‘breathings’ into reality in your life?
* What is stopping you from starting a reflection of these questions into action today?
* How will your life change for the better when you begin to “fill your life with the breathings of the heart”?

If – when – we fill our lives in such a way, how can our world not be better? safer? kinder?

© June Maffin