It’s often been said that “An artist continues to live on after death in their art.”
My dear husband, artist Hans van der Werff, continues to live on in his art,
as well as many other ways.

Every winter, he and I would spend time in the Studio creating,
playing and preparing for the Fall Cowichan Exhibition.
This past winter was no exception.
We created, played, and together and each prepared our entries for the Exhibition.

While Hans enjoyed working with watercolours and pastels,
his love and artistic creativity was most evident and best expressed
in his pen & ink and pencil sketches.

Each winter, he would make a number of pen & ink / pencil sketches
and would decide which one he would enter into the Exhibition
(only one entry per person was allowed in the combined pen & ink/pencil category).

Sadly, when he died this past summer, he had not made his decision
so that decision became mine on his behalf.
I chose this one.

It won First Prize in the pen & ink / pencil category.
This was no a surprise to me. 🙂
Well done,Hans!





© June Maffin