Oh Owl, you are such an intriguing, fascinating and beautiful creature.  I love creating handmade cards with your image.  Your eyes are so focused and at times, penetrating.

When you use those eyes and look at the world around and see the Two-Legged Creatures called human beings, do you ever wonder and ask the question: “I don’t speak, I don’t judge, I don’t gossip, I don’t hate, I don’t lie, so why do Two-Legged Creatures?”

We Two-Legged Creatures are given a mouth to express feelings and opinions, ask questions and dialogue with others.  And we do.  But we also use that mouth to spit, literally and figuratively.  Spit words of hatred, racism, judgement, sexism, lies, gossip

Your question is a good question, Owl.
I wish I had an answer.


Text & Photo © June Maffin
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