I want a “plain day.”  I’d love to have a day without drama – without W.H. tweets – without “breaking news” appearing on the tv screen – without hearing of another murder or earthquake or massacre or tornado or diagnosis of cancer or Parkinson’s or Lou Gehrig’s or M.S. or death of a family member/friend … or …

I would love to have a plain day. A former colleague hated the expression “Have a nice day!”   His response was always – “Don’t tell me what kind of a day to have!”  I can’t help but wonder what his response would be to this saying by artist Ray Woolam (Duncan, British Columbia) on a bench sign I spotted in our town a while ago. Somehow, I think my colleague would like it. I do, too.

Whatever kind of a day you have my friends, may you experience a glimpse of a “plain day” … moments of respite from the negativity, fear, threats, tragedies,  terrible news, suspicion, gossip, innuendo, subterfuge, conspiracies, lying, fraud, the …

And instead, may you experience … moments of gentle peace and blessings that will sustain you when the negativity, global horrors, terrifying news, miserable weather etc. come close.  I like your saying, Ray Woolam.  Thank you.  May we all have moments of “a plain day”, each and every day.


© June Maffin