As Holy Week continues for Christians around the world
we pray to you, Mirroring God.  As we look at the face of another
at work, at the bank, crossing a border, panhandling, in Hospice care, passed out on a street, at a meeting, in traffic, in the Emergency room
on tv, in a political rally, in the shops, in a line-up, awaiting/recovering from surgery with  different coloured skin, different political beliefs, a foreign name, an accent , wanting to be in relationship with someone of the same gender, not speaking our language, wearing unfamiliar (to us) clothing, may we see You, reflected, as in a mirror.

Mirroring God, may we mirror your compassion and unconditional love this holy day, in this Holy Week.  And may we mirror your compassion and unconditional love, every day, in every week.  Amen  (which simply means “So be it.”)


© June Maffin