I am calm.
I am a handywoman.

The clothing rod in the bedroom gave way last week and the clothes had to be removed from the rod. My DH, Hans, had used that rod for his shirts, but when he died, and I donated his clothing, I moved my sweaters, jackets and slacks to that rod. But they were too heavy for just that one rod support. So I went to Home Hardware and bought two new rod supports and accompanying plates. And here’s where the fun began.

First, I tried to find a stud.
No luck.
Then I found a stud.
I tried to put screws in the rod support plate.
No luck.
The arthritis wouldn’t let me tighten the screws all the way into the stud.

When I borrowed an electric drill to screw them in, I quickly discovered that I’d screwed the support plate in … backwards.

After figuring out what to push on the electric drill, I reversed the screws, got them out of the wall and put the support plate in the proper way.
Sort of …

I couldn’t figure out why, but the plate and hanger don’t want to work together. So I went into Hans’ workshop to find his hammer to pound it in. I knew he had a couple of hammers, but darned if I could find even one. But I knew I had a hammer in the Studio that I use for crafts and got that. Hans always chuckled at it because it was so tiny, delicate … and useless.

I am calm.
I am a handywoman.

This week I will head back to Home Hardware and ask “What did I do wrong?”

I am calm.
I *will* be a handywoman.
It’s just not happened
… yet.

© June Maffin