I like words.
I like the way they sound.
I like what I learn when I research their origin.
And I like how my heart and mind respond as I reflect on words
… like this word: susurrus.

I find it to be a delicious word.
It means ‘a whispering, hum or gentle rustling sound’
and is often represented by a feather.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience a susurrus
… a whispering of “hang in there”
… a feather of “hope is on its way”
… a hum of “you are not alone.”

When I think of people dealing with
actions of terrorists
undergoing surgery
living with pain
being tortured
separation from loved ones
abusive situations
in fear of their lives
addiction, mental illness, grief
fear about the future of Planet Earth because of climate change
struggling to understand how their government leader can be anything but a leader of compassion, generosity of spirit, respect
my spirit groans.

To each of those people, known and unknown
may they receive this night
a susurrus of respite from the distress;
a whisper, a hum, a feather of hope and healing
that will lighten burdens, reduce fear, eliminate a sense of hopelessness.

I like this word.

© june maffin