Yom Hashoah begins this night at sundown.  It is a time for Jews and all of the world to pay respect to those who perished in the Holocaust under Nazi rule – millions of people: gypsies, gays, clergy, ordinary citizens, Jewish people, many of whom had no idea they had Jewish heritage.

Yom Hashoah is a time we remember other moments of terror suffering, past and present too because as Rabbi Michael Lerner reminded us, the task at this moment in history is to “remind ourselves that we are inextricably bound to each other and to everyone on the planet. 

Will we will ever truly remember, learn from the past and ask the “when” questions?   Questions like
… if changes in gun laws don’t happen now … when?
… if hatred for ‘the other’ doesn’t end now … when?
… if immoral laws aren’t changed by new leadership now … when?
… if political leaders lie, steal, are corrupt aren’t voted out of office now, …when?
… if children are not given the opportunity for a well-rounded education taught by competent, professional, respected teachers who are well paid now … when?
… if those who are addicted aren’t treated as valued human beings who need professional help and are given that help, now … when?

W H E N?

Rom Hashoah is not just a time to remember all who have died in holocausts of the past – but those who are in similar situations now around the world.

It is time to ask the “IF NOT NOW, WHEN?” question and expect answers that are honest, compassionate, respectful and helpful.


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