We’ve heard others say the word.
We’ve said the word in the past.
We’re saying that word now.

A world where fresh air is available is impossible
because of climate change.

An end to war is impossible
because the oppressor and his allies have a stranglehold on Ukraine and its terrified citizens.

When faced with something unbelievable happens
the phrase “It’s impossible!” emerges.

And yet, some things are impossible.
… human beings can’t fly unassisted by technology
… birds can’t speak English or French or Japanese or …
… dinosaurs don’t roam the earth today.

But then again,
some things are possible!

When I noticed daffodils protruding from a steep hill on rocks in below-zero temperature, I wondered if ceasefire in Ukraine could be possible.
Can Ukraine survive on the rocks of war?”

Sometimes, we need remember that the word ‘impossible’ says “I’m possible!”

Personal situations may cloud the horizon.
Political decisions may cause fear.
It may seem as if what is needed
is impossible.

But if the focus on the word I M P O S S I B L E
is always on the negativity of the letters,
we don’t see possibilities in the same letters.

Who would have thought that a bunch of daffodils growing out of a rock would reinforce a concept which is attributed to a saying by actress Audrey Hepburn?

Daffodils growing in below-freezing temperatures on rocks
are possible.

Human beings dealing with terrifying situations
(personal illness, financial downturn, unemployment etc.)
are possible.

Humanity’s future
is possible.

What if each person in the world
thought, said, prayed the phrase

A cumulative effect could result.

The future of our world
IS possible.



Photo & Text © June Maffin