Thank you to the international team of Romi Borax Marks (USA), Annie Taylor (UK) and Anica Gabrovec aka Zen Linea (Croatia) for a gentle time of art, remembering and praying today in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

I had some things I wanted to include
… the national flower of Ukraine (sunflower), but couldn’t find a step-out that worked for me so ‘did something” in yellow and added blue around the edge as Blue and Yellow are the colours of Ukraine’s national flag)
… the dove in white – angel for the souls already lost on both sides: Ukrainians and Russians (most of the Russian troops are very young conscripts, unaware they would be invading Ukraine).
… and I wanted to do it all on a round sphere to represent the solidarity around the world for the people of Ukraine.

This night, as I head off to bed, I set aside a gnawing sense of the presence of evil in the world and choose to focus on possibility, love and hope.

And I offer thanksgiving for the President and First Lady of Ukraine and Cabinet members, the courageous people of Ukraine, the Russian dissenters, and the growing gathered crowds of people around the world in support of the people of Ukraine.

Peace. May there be peace in Ukraine.

© June Maffin