I don’t want to think of evil, or believe in evil, or acknowledge the presence of evil. And yet … as the situation of Aleppo continues … as announcements of the appointments made by the POTUS and the reactions to that news unfold … as weather conditions continue to pummel the world with floods, snowstorms, tornadoes, earthquakes … as some around the world have so much, while others have nothing … as homelessness, contaminated water, unbreathable air, dangerous work situations cause lives to be compromised or lost … as freedoms are eroded … I must not be naive. Evil exists.

Where there is darkness … we must bring the light.
Where there is darkness … we must send the light.
Where there is darkness … we must *be* the light.

Let us offer good thoughts, light, prayers, healing energy.  Let us focus on goodness,  not evil, even in the face of evil.


© June Maffin