“My courage does not roar. It whispers to my heart.  It makes me dig deep and find it in my soul to fight on.”  <Kim Fitzsimmons>

It takes courage to go to work these days as an ‘essential services’ provider.
You valiantly and selflessly serve long hours at potentially great cost to you and your families. We continue to hold you close in our hearts and pray for your protection.  We are grateful … grateful beyond measure. Thank you for letting the courage that whispers to your heart help you dig deep and find it in your soul to fight on.

In spite of any personal situation we may be dealing with … in spite of any seas we may need to confront … in spite of where we are on the aging scale … in spite of what is happening in this world at this time … in spite of COVID19, may we face each moment with that indefinable spirit that enables us to deal with what-must-be-faced day-by-day, moment-by-moment.

Courage, my friends. Courage. And when we no longer have any courage, may we remember that somewhere in the world, people are praying for courage for those who are needing it.  We are stronger than we may think we are.

© June Maffin
Image (watercolour used with permission): © Hans van der Werff