There they were: cuddled together in the strawberry patch in the back yard.
One, ripe and ready to eat; two, on their way to ripehood.

Thinking about it all, I realize why I was so struck by seeing the three strawberries together like that.

They were a gentle reminder of the Creator and Mother Nature’s beauty and bounty … all happening in my back yard!


Some days, the yuck and pain of our lives and the world can seem to be so overwhelming that we forget to look – down … up … sideways … beside us … behind us … in front of us – expect to see a sign of the Creator – expect to see and experience a miracle.

When we forget to do that looking, we can miss seeing and experiencing three strawberries as much more than three little pieces of fruit.

Just three strawberries.
Three, simple, easily-missed-seeing, expressions of beauty and bounty and blessing.

Ahhh, I can hear my brain beginning to make links to ‘other *three’s* … links to the Trinity … links to …

But I’m going to restrain myself and instead, go outside and look around, up, down, beside me, in front of me, behind me and expect to see a sign of the Creator … expect to see and experience a miracle.

I know I won’t be disappointed.

While the definition of ‘miracle’ is subjective (and perhaps the catalyst for another Soulistry blog posting), this night I’m simply going to enjoy these three beauties from Nature’s bounty and be grateful for the beauty and bounty and blessing – and miracle – that is in my garden.

Three strawberries – beauty, bounty, blessing.

Just three strawberries.

© June Maffin