On this day, April 26th, many years ago, I received my very-favourite-ever-present … the safe delivery of a much-prayed-about, hoped-for, oh-so-wanted baby.
Doctors told my husband and I that I could never conceive … surprise!. Then they told us that I wouldn’t carry the baby full term … surprise again!
Then they said that the baby wouldn’t make it beyond the first month … another surprise!

Oh, dear doctors, please don’t tell new moms that.  You can given an educated guess, but you don’t know for certain!.  And then they said that the baby wouldn’t make it beyond the first year … clearly the doctors hadn’t met my son.  Along with what seemed to be an unending series of visits to Children’s Hospital with painful and prolonged testing and procedures over many ensuing years, a boy who “beat the odds” from the get-go, continued his life.

As a child, he was tenacious, courageous, had a great sense of humour (he loved being the McDonald’s Hamburglar at Hallowe’en).  He was willing to try things (including baseball and soccer neither of which he liked!).  He became fascinated by politics at a very early age (even at eight when he worked for the Tom Siddon campaign!), and much more.   Health issues still plague him as an adult, but he deals with them as he’s dealt with all of life – head on,  Courage doesn’t always shout.  Sometimes it’s just a quiet voice deep within that says “keep on, keeping on!”
© June Maffin
{blurry photos – originals aren’t blurry … just these copies. <sigh>}