Ever have a day when memories of someone who is no longer living, surfaced in your heart and mind?   It’s not their birthday, or any particular occasion that would bring them to mind, yet you feel their presence and find yourself grateful for the ways, lessons and moments they touched your life.

That’s me … remembering my dad, Albert Edward (Eddie) Mack. Born in England in 1903, he died in Canada in 1981. He had little formal education because he had to go to work when he was only eight to help support his family.  Yet, in spite of only having a grade three education, he became a voracious reader, stock broker, owner of an antiquities store, art historian and consultant to the National Art Gallery in Ottawa.

Dad was a gentle man (and gentleman!), a loving man, a kind man, a romantic … ohhhh, the love letters he wrote my mother! … and a wonderful ballroom dancer. When he would turn on the radio and take my mom into his arms in our living room, magic happened and we all knew it.

Dad was a polymath. His expertise spanned a significant number of different subject areas, thanks to his voracious reading, deep sense of curiosity, ability to reason, and eagerness to learn from others.  At the same time, he was a humble man whose love of his wife, children and grandchildren (as can be seen by this photo of Dad and my son Tod when he was a toddler), were foremost in his life.

Dad wasn’t always home as he often traveled for work, but he was always “with us.” His wisdom, lifestyle, mentoring (even when we weren’t aware of it), contributed to make each of us the people we now are.  When we all gathered around the dinner table, we would share how our day had gone and would have conversations about all sorts of things including ‘life after death’.”

Some religions state there is life-after-death. Some cultures believe there is life after death.  Many people hope there is … in some way.   No living person knows for certain.  But, if experiences of the presence of loved ones, long after they have died, in ways that are not understood, is any indication, then life after death does exist.

How?   I don’t know.  Yet I choose to believe that when our mortal life on this planet earth ends, our spirit continues to live.  And life-after-death becomes our reality.  That is my belief, my hope, my prayer.  And in the meantime, in the remembering of loved ones who have died, in the silent conversations with loved ones who have died, in the memories that bring gratitude and smiles and joy, they live.

The photo is of my son Tod Edward Maffin and his Granddad Albert Edward Mack.   Life-after-death.

WatermarkedDadAndTod© June Maffin
Photo of Grandson Tod Edward Maffin and Grandad Albert Edward Mack