I tried a new art technique recently.
I didn’t “get” it.
I tried again.
And again.  And again.
I’ve not gotten it.   Yet. 
But I will.  🙂

Thomas Edison’s words resonate within me: “I have not failed.   I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

We’ve all experienced what some call ‘failure’ at some point in our lifetime … whether that was in school … at work … in a relationship … an activity … whatever.  Hopefully, it eventually led to a *lightbulb* moment, even though it may take 10,000 tries to get past that moment.

Edison didn’t let society’s definition of failure impact him to the point that he stopped.   He continued to “keep on, keeping on,” until he finally found what would work.   

Just because we didn’t get an “A” in a particular course, or because we
… didn’t get the promotion at work
… experienced a broken relationship
… weren’t able to knit or paint or sculpt or create or cook like a professional or like a friend who could
… didn’t get today’s Wordle in less than six tries
… ‘whatever’
when we “keep on, keeping on,” we grow and make discoveries. 
Maybe not Edison-Lightbulb-Moments,
… but Our-Lightbulb-Moments.

Rather than focus on the failures, the I-didn’t it get (yet) moments,
I like the idea of understanding that such moments are part of our journey of self-discovery.

Here’s to our “Lightbulb Moments” ... of Discovery!

© June Maffin
photo: Jonathan Borba used with permission Pexels
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