The month of February can be difficult for many. Social media and local stores focus on Valentine’s Day to the hilt.

Many have outlived their partners … parents have outlived their children … children have outlived their parents/siblings … close friends have died … and there’s no one to say “Happy Valentine’s Day”.   

So, how about instead of focusing on Valentine’s Day … we make the whole month of February LOVEUARY month, and express love to someone (relative, stranger, friend etc.) by making a card with a heart on it. Loveuary (Love+uary from February).

I’ve been making heart-cards … Loveuary Cards … and leaving them in clear plastic sleeves in various places in our little town. There are lots of places and people who would welcome a Loveuary Card: reception desks at assisted living homes, homeless shelters, nursing homes, low income housing … a neighbour … your child’s teachers … your doctor/dentist/friend/physio/dental hygienist/minister/relative … fire department … police department, etc., along with a little note that says
“This card is yours. It was made with love.
I hope it puts a little smile on your face.
Keep it. Pass it on to someone else.
Or just leave it where you found it for someone else to find.”
(and then I add “Created for you in Duncan, British Columbia an “Art Abandonment Project.”  

Or, something like this: “I am NOT lost. I was placed here to bring you JOY.

Use your own words. Add your own location – or not.
Add “Art Abandonment Project” – or not.

Please just be mindful of potential security and health issues when you leave your cards.

The best places to leave the Loveuary cards seem to be at reception centres, community/church/town Bulletin Boards and handed to another personally, not on vehicles, in stores or medical facilities.

Let’s make February, LOVEUARY month! Let’s share a little love! Whip out your calligraphy / painting / craft supplies / crayons and make a Loveuary Card. It can be a simple heart … a bunch of hearts … on cardstock, on craft paper, on watercolour paper … on whatever! The recipient will be delighted by what you make because you made it with love.

This year, I’m making my Loveuary cards on scratch paper … black and when you scratch the design, colours flood through the black to the surface! Then I mount it on coloured cardstock and then mount it all on folded black cardstock. You never know what colour is underneath. It’s such fun! HAPPY LOVEUARY!


© June Maffin

© June Maffin