As I looked through the patio door, I saw her.
Ms. Squirrel.


She was eating the seed I’d put out for the birds.
I grabbed my purse and muttered
“I see you!  Those seeds are *not* yours! They’re for the birds.  Your food is over there.”

Did she listen to me?
Of course not.
She was on a mission.
She needed to find food to store for the winter.

So Ms. Squirrel stuffed seeds into her cheek pouches
and stuffed some more and more and more quickly.
Very quickly.

As I quietly inched my way closer to the patio door to take her photo
she stopped
looked up
I stopped moving.

Not sensing danger,
Ms. Squirrel began to stuff her pouches
with more and more and more and more quickly.
Very quickly.

I inched forward a bit more, camera poised.
Ms Squirrel stopped, looked up.  Waited.
I stopped moving.

We danced this dance for a minute or two
and before she darted away
I took her photo.

Today, Ms. Squirrel came for a visit.
She stuffed her cheek pouches
and brought a huge smile to my face.


She also brought a reminder
‘winter is coming’ and

many will be hungry.


Not just squirrels or birds.
Our local Food Banks will need us.

Thank you for your visit, today, Ms. Squirrel
and your gentle reminder.






photos and text © June Maffin