“The Project” is ready to be launched.  Finally!

“The Project” (as it’s been known) is a cookbook that began many, many years ago and was eventually published under a different title.  Thanks to word of mouth, it made its way around the world, literally, and quickly sold out.

In recent years, requests, more requests, and more requests for copies of the book had me wondering “Is it time to re-publish?”  A ‘test query’ over three years ago went to Soulistry followers and friends with resounding results. “Yes!  And in some way connect it to the Soulistry Story.”

So three years ago, the work began.  I thought that it needed a new title.
Thanks to Lilian Taylor … it arrived. 
A new title meant that it needed a new cover. Thanks to Alice Young … it arrived.  The cookbook needed more work but it was put on the back burner because ‘life’ happened, computer glitches interfered, a new computer program needed to be learned. and it all took time.  Longer than I had imagined.

But slowly, gently, it came together and today … it arrived.

Nourish Gently – The Soulistry Cookbook is now published as an ebook and available. And I am grateful and delighted and humbled by the way it unfolded.  Curious?  More information can be found here:  www.soulistry.com/books

May “Nourish Gently – The Soulistry Cookbook”  gently nourish bodies and gently nourish souls.