On this “Eve of Christmas Eve” … a question … what would you do if you realized you’d not finished making/sending your Christmas cards or discovered you’d received cards from friends you forgot to include in your Christmas card list?   You meant to do that, but … the weather was miserable, you were under the weather, work was demanding your attention, you didn’t have the energy …

It’s the eve-of-Christmas-Eve, and you’re thinking that it’s too late to mail anything so they’d get it in time for Christmas.  You could send them an email or ecard but … but it’s just not the same thing.   The clock is ticking … Christmas is almost here and will be over soon. 

Or, will it?

No.  Christmas won’t be over on December 26th, because Christmas isn’t just one day.  Christmas is an entire season in the Christian Church.

Christmas Day begins the “Season of Christmas” and is followed by eleven other days … the Twelve Days of Christmas!

Ignore the television celebrities who have been having special 12 day giveaways.  Ignore the stores who will quickly remove the Christmas displays and put up Valentine’s Day displays.  Ignore it all and enjoy the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Each precious one of them.

The reality is – you’ve got time to enjoy Christmas! 
… you’ve got time to bake some cookies and take them to a neighbour or friend who is unwell or lonely. 
… you’ve got time to send Christmas cards to family and friends. 
… you’ve got time because –

Because the Season Christmas lasts until the end of January 5th!
Twelve days of Christmas!

And on each of the Twelve Days of Christmas, let “Soulistry” offer some help along the way of each of the days. 

On Christmas Eve, in anticipation of Christmas Day (the First of the Twelve Days of Christmas), and on each of the Twelve Days, a Soulistry reflection will appear on the blog (https://soulistry.com/blog) and on the Soulistry Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/soulistry)

May the Season of Christmas
… all Twelve Days
extend the Spirit of Christmas beyond Christmas day.  

May the Spirit of Christmas dwell deep within. 

And may the Spirit of Christmas bring peace, joy, love, and hope to our pandemic-riddled world.

© June Maffin
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