We can’t change the minds of all who are opposed to getting vaccinated or think the pandemic is a hoax, but maybe the following will give encouragement and be a reminder that love shared with one another can impact the hearts of family and friends … one at a time.

This is a true story shared by a friend. Though the actual conversation wasn’t recorded, it’s close to what transpired and the outcome actually happened.

He said “I want to come and visit. I miss my family! How about I come next weekend?”

She replied “We’d love to see you. But, you know that we are vaccinated, have an eight year old who cannot be vaccinated. Mom is 79 and we’ve decided no one comes into our home who isn’t fully vaccinated. Let us know when you’re fully vaccinated and we’ll find a date that works. We’re looking forward to seeing you again, too.”

He said “I don’t believe in that pandemic stuff. It’s just like the flu. I don’t need to get vaccinated.”

She replied “It’s your decision. We’d love to see you, but won’t until you are fully vaccinated.”

He said … after a long silence “Are you serious?”

She replied … “Yes.”

He said “I’m family. You don’t want to see me? What about Thanksgiving and Christmas and Mom’s 80th birthday?”

She replied “It’s your decision.”

He’d had a similar conversation with her husband, many times and continued to refuse to get vaccinated.
This time was somehow different.

Several days later, he phoned and said “Okay. I’ve made the appointment. I’m getting my first vaccination on Monday. Let’s talk about a visit at Thanksgiving.”

And that is how it can be done.
One way to change hearts and minds
… one at a time.

© June Maffin