Ever have “one of those days” where nothing seemed to go
as you had hoped? as you had anticipated? as you had planned?  Likely yes.
Me too.

On “one of those days, “I sat quietly in my special chair with gentle music playing in the background. As I tried to put it all in perspective, an image of the Milky Way came to mind, helping me not only to realize but to accept the reality that the things, people, situations, encounters, news that made that day … “one of those days” …  were infinitesimal in the cosmic scheme of things.

Why did I let them bother me … so much?  Why did I let them build
… one upon the other? Why did I give them power …  over my thoughts Why, instead of making the time … to centre myself … to do some deep breathing … to think, pray, whisper, sing Dame Julian of Norwich’s prayer
“All shall be well. All shall be well.  And all manner of thing shall be well,”
did I become … more frustrated … more disappointed … more upset with each encounter, and activity, and person and myself?

It would be easy to find an excuse. But the reality is I had a choice and I had chosen to be a human do-ing rather than a human be-ing.’

So that evening I was quiet … intentionally focused on ‘be-ing … thinking that if I were blessed to awaken the next morning, I would do so with gratitude in my heart and mind for the privilege of … learning … and growing … and evolving

And every morning since that time that’s what I try to do
… even if I have been having “one of those days.”


Text © June Maffin