Have you ever met or been confronted by Self-Doubt Mountain?  Have you ever thought there was something … a particular situation … a new technique or learning … a certain time in your life you couldn’t “get-through”?

A few hours before my husband Hans died last summer, he said “Don’t ever forget – you are stronger and more resilient than you think you are.” His words held me up during this past year, reminding me that I have faced Self-Doubt Mountain in the past and survived; teaching me that I will face Self-Doubt Mountain in the future and will survive.

Hans was a wonderful artist and was looking forward to working in acrylic
but he died before he could begin. So in his memory,  I decided to see what I could do with the acrylic paints.  But Self-Doubt Mountain was in front of me. Again.

I was going to donate Hans’ acrylic paints, but when I remembered Hans’ words, possibilities emerged. I googled ‘acrylic painting’ and before I knew it, I was in the Studio playing with acrylics and having fun!

When I challenged myself a bit further, I entered my first acrylic painting in our local exhibition and was gobsmacked when I learned I had won first prize in the acrylic division. When Self-Doubt Mountain surfaces
… and it will …  this experience will also come to my mind and when it does
may Self-Doubt Mountain lose.  Again.


© June Maffin