I’ve been playing with rocks/stones lately.

Little rock and stones I’ve found on local beaches have become transformed into what I’ve been calling Kindness Rocks (a play on the noun and verb).

I’ve painted, added words/phrases/images/colour and then hidden the rocks/stones outdoors (where they’re allowed) in the hope that finders, in the brief moment of discovery, will experience a gentle momentary respite from worry, fear, whatever is robbing them of smiling, enjoying the moment, celebrating life, sharing love.

Have I had fun making these? You bet! And I’ve been having fun hiding them and giving them away, too.

By the way, while there are no design “rules” for the Kindness Rocks, recently I seem to be focused on a theme: love … hearts.

The hope of the latest Kindness Rocks is that finders would share some love … hide the rock for someone else to find … do an unexpected kind deed for someone … tell someone how they are important in your life … smile at a stranger … wear a mask … get vaccinated.

Let’s share some love.   💞    💓    💕




 © June Maffin

Here are two sites for viewing and hopefully encourage you to make some Kindness Rocks too.