“Soulistry- Artistry of the Soul: Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality” leads us into a creative journey in finding our authentic selves as co-creators of a new Earth.  Traveling through Soulistry, stopping to drink in the 80 quotes of wisdom, Journal Prompts, and listening to your heart’s response in answering the Soul-Questions, brings the reader into a sacred journey.

The gift of this book by author June Maffin is that it leads us to greater understanding and loving of our true selves as well as a deeper knowing and loving of Creator.  It helps us to think outside the box about our political, social and environmental beliefs, ever expanding our nurturing relationships to others.
Every day we wake up to new possibilities for co-creating a new Earth of justice and peace for all Creation.  Instead of turning on the news that bombards us with stories of fear and anger take time out with Soulistry.  Find a quiet comfortable place where you can gaze upon nature.  Visualize yourself as whole and consciously evolving into the person needed for shaping today.  Read the Journal Prompts that matter to you, or randomly or sequentially go through the book. Let the Soulistry Soul-Questions flow through you going deep inside.  Let the heart answers arise like the morning sun with all the brilliance of a new day dawning.  Share the wisdom, your insights and dreams with others forming a sacred circle that loves and nurtures each one as co-creators of the new.
Ann Smith, Co-Director of Circle Connections www.circleconnections.com and Convener of Partnerships, Ways Women Lead www.wayswomenlead.net