THANKSGIVING.   No matter what situation life presents, may there be at least one moment of ‘giving thanks.’   Each day.

THANKSGIVING.  No matter how one is experiencing politicians, colleagues, family, friends, may there be at least one person who puts a smile on our face and provides a reason to give thanks. Each day.

THANKSGIVING. No matter how we are feeling, where we are living, what we are eating, may we go to sleep with at least one reason for which we are grateful we are alive.  Each night.

Thanksgiving is a holiday this weekend in Canada. Last month, Thanksgiving (Chuseok Day) was celebrated in South Korea.  Next month, Thanksgiving will be a holiday in the United States, Liberia, Grenada, as well as China, Norfolk Island, Japan and Vietnam. 

Interesting information but … while it’s good that one weekend/day a year the focus is on ‘giving thanks,’ be that as a celebration of the Autumn harvest or a celebration of gratitude, why is a separate day/weekend and all its commercialism needed to help us be aware of the many blessings around us?

Why can we not express an attitude of gratitude for someone, or something, somehow, and some way – each day?

We can.  If we want to change our attitude from criticism, self-recrimination, resentment, anger, etc. to gratitude, we can. 

Let’s let Harvest Thanksgiving (being celebrated in Canada this weekend), be the catalyst for us to make place for gratitude in our hearts,  each day giving thanks … thanksgiving.  May this – and each day – be a safe and happy thanksgiving day.

Photo was taken at Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada, while visiting my brother, Gerry Mack, and his family. The memories are bittersweet because it’s the last time I saw Gerry before he unexpectedly died and because the memory of that visit is so precious – filled with laughter, adventure, wonderful long talks, his wisdom and love.

He was the very best brother one could ever wish to have and I am so grateful for the privilege of being his ‘big sister’ for the years we had together. Rest in peace, Gerry. Rest in peace.

© June Maffin