Ahhhh, sweet organic corn on the cob from-our-garden  Farewell.
You began your life planted as kernel-seeds in trays on the dining room table which had been moved to the window to take advantage of the sun … no special lamps for you.  And you began to grow.

Each morning, the trays were checked and your efforts to burst forth from the soil so you could grow tall enough to be transplanted were greeted by “oooh” and “ahhh.”

Ten tiny seeds. That’s all you were. And then came the day when you were strong enough to be transplanted into the raised veggie bed where you
stretched to the sun and grew tassels and cobs.

“Are they ready to eat, yet?” was the question posed to the Universe.  “Not yet – they need to be rounder at the bottom.”  The waiting continued and continued and continued. And then, you began to form  and eventually the harvesting!

First, two cobs for dinner, then two more, and one night dinner was
… corn cobs. Just corn cobs. Delicious.  Sweet.  Tender corn cobs.  Then your stalks were cut down, the roots dug out to make room for the fall veggies
to be transplanted in your place next week, and the cycle of life will begin
again … with some of your fall veggie cousins. 


Photo & Text © June Maffin