It’s been snowing – a lot!

Reminds me of a winter I lived in Shawnigan Lake when I looked out my office window and saw this bird — created by snow covered a bush in front of that window.

It was magical — a beak, an eye, a wing … and I didn’t create it or move anything around to reveal those parts or anything!

There it was – in front of me. I watched in wonder as the snow descended on the bush outside my office window and a snowbird magically and gradually formed out of the bush.


Rushing to get my camera, I realized that the snowbird captured the essence of Wonder, Joy, Awe and Peace.

The timing was quite remarkable — I had just been diagnosed with mercury poisoning; had just moved to the little house in Shawnigan; hadn’t met any of the neighbours; it was a miserable winter storm; I was incapacitated with no family nearby and friends who weren’t able to come over the Malahat Mountain because of the distance and weather.

The doctor told me “The good news is … you won’t die from this. The bad news is … you’ll wish you had.” There were times when he was right. And that morning, was one of those really difficult mornings when I wasn’t free from severe pain, had beyond-limited mobility (when mercury poisoning sets in, muscles atrophy), and the list went on.

In my mind/thoughts/prayers, I wanted/needed a “sign” of reassurance. I slowly made my way to my office … and saw this.

A sign. A sign of reassurance that I was not – and would not be alone during the time of recovery and that there would be eventual recovery.

That recovery was difficult and lengthy and there is still evidence of the mercury expressing itself in my system but … I will always remember the SnowBird — the sign of Spirit with me.

And now, I hope and pray, you will too and that if you are going through a difficult time, you will take comfort from the SnowBird. 🙂

May you experience “moments of wonder” in the coming days and weeks in ways that you can’t even begin to ask or imagine!

© June Maffin