The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine.
No matter how small,
or how little evidence of light there is,
seek out the light (the sun)
hold their heads high
are a symbol of loyalty to something that is brighter and bigger than themselves.   

Similarly, Ukrainians seek out the Light
hold their head hight
and symbolize loyalty
to something that is brighter and bigger
than themselves
… their country. 

A few days ago, a Ukrainian woman expressed her defiance and outrage at a Russian soldier who was blocking a street in a residential area of Henichesk, a port city in southern Ukraine.  She angrily shouted at the Russian soldier, demanding to know why he was there. Then she told him to put sunflower seed in his pocket so that flowers would grow when he dies on Ukraine’s soil. 

In spite of the icy, frigid, terrifying situation they are in,
like these sunflowers,
Ukrainian heads are up
looking for the Light
loyal to their country.

Keep holding your heads high, Ukrainians. 
Keep following the Light!


© June Maffin
photography: Stacey Brantley© (used with permission)