The wise words of my parents “You were given a brain.   Use it.” often surfaced throughout my life.  At the age of fifteen, I decided to leave the church of my youth which seemed to expect me to leave my brain at the door.  When I would ask a question I was told “Do not question” but to “read the books of our faith.”  I did.

I had more questions and continued to be told “Don’t question.”    “Don’t question?”  Isn’t that why I was given a brain? … to ask questions
… to doubt … to consider possibilities … to challenge situations of injustice
… to think for myself … to come to my own opinion

When I became a parent. I intentionally taught my son to … research subjects … be open to learning from others … discuss what he was learning … listen to the opinions of others … come to his own independent opinion

In other words,  he was raised to be a thinker … not simply go with the crowd … not simply to agree with my views, but to come to his own opinions about … what is truth … relationships … politics… religion
… abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment and more.

I like to think that … reading and doing research … becoming informed … respectfully listening to the opinions of others … discussing and debating
… and eventually coming to our own opinions is a spiritual responsibility.

We were given and gifted with a brain. Surely the Giver of the Gift
expects us to use the gift at all times and particularly in these difficult days of elusive truth.

We must seek truth. We must pursue truth, even if it alienates us from loved ones, from political party adherence, from religious tenets

We must think.

Think … For …. Ourselves.


Photo & Text © June Maffin