“I am done with thoughts and prayers that go nowhere”
wrote a friend. She had me thinking.  I believe that sincere ‘thoughts and prayers’ *do* go somewhere.

I believe that they go into our own souls. I believe that they connect us to those who have been hurt, killed, dying … are suffering for whatever reason.  I also believe that ‘thoughts and prayers’ connect us to those who are remembering them as well.  To me ‘thoughts and prayers’ can have a religious intention/overtones … or not.

So I’ll continue to send good thoughts
to the people who have suffered
to those who are still suffering to those who will be suffering for a long time to come.  I believe that energy accompanies sincere thoughts and prayers
and will somehow let those who suffer know that others care.

I will continue to send sincere thoughts and prayers and hope/pray that they will be of help somehow, in some way, to some one, so they know they are not alone… and others are thinking of them.

© June Maffin