People ache at the escalation of political deception and lies, racial inequity,  economic consequences, bullying, religious persecution, sexism, cultural confusion, injustice, hatred and more.

Spirits grieve and minds shut down, holding on to beliefs without openness
to scientific research, reason, wisdom, history, knowledge, fact. Sometimes it seems as if there is more that separates than unites.

May the focus be more on the Good that unites than that which divides.  May Love be felt and awe experienced in the midst of pain and distress and desolation.  May logic and reason and fact educate, inform, guide.  May there be hope for tomorrow … and the tomorrows which follow.

(Text adapted from my poem published in “RACE AND PRAYER: COLLECTED VOICES, MANY DREAMS Malcolm Boyd and Chester Talton, editors
Morehouse Publishing 2003   ISBN 0-8192-1909-6)


Photo & text © June Maffin